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Wissenschaftliche/r Mit­ar­bei­ter/in Robotik


Mit­ar­beit in Lehre und For­schung am o.g. Fach­ge­biet; Mit­ar­beit in der For­schung zur Bewe­gungs­ge­ne­rie­rung von Robo­tern mit beson­de­rem Fokus auf Mani­pu­la­tion; die Arbei­ten kom­bi­nie­ren Bahn­pla­nung, KI-Pla­nung, Rege­lung, Wahr­neh­mung, Tra­jek­to­ri­en­op­ti­mie­rung.

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

Erfolg­reich abge­schlos­se­nes wis­sen­schaft­li­ches Hoch­schul­stu­dium (Mas­ter, Diplom oder Äqui­va­lent) in Infor­ma­tik oder einer ver­wand­ten Fach­rich­tung, über­durch­schnitt­li­cher Abschluss erwünscht; sehr gute Kennt­nisse und Erfah­run­gen auf den Gebie­ten der Pla­nung, Rege­lung, Mani­pu­la­tion, Com­pu­ter Vision, Machine Learning; Kennt­nisse in der objekt­ori­en­tier­ten Pro­gram­mie­rung; sehr gute Eng­lisch­kennt­nisse.


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Computational Biology (student assistant)

Position: Student research assistant (only for students of Universities in Berlin)

Topic: Protein structure prediction


The Robotics and Biology Lab conducts innovative research in protein structure prediction and protein flexibility. We are currently looking for motivated students that support our effort in entering the 12th community-wide experiment on the Critical Assessment on Protein Structure prediction (CASP http://predictioncenter.org).

The successful applicant will be involved in developing and implementing a novel protein structure prediction framework. We offer the opportunity to become part of a team that conducts cutting-edge research in structure prediction.

Strong programming skills in C/C++ are required. Experience with Python and/or experience with programming of large dedicated compute clusters is a plus. Familiarity with one of the following research areas is helpful, but not required: robotics, AI, machine learning, protein structure prediction, protein docking, protein flexibility.

If you have questions regarding the position, please contact:

Mahmoud Mabrouk or Kolja Stahl, Tel: 030-314 73118


Please email your application, including cover letter, CV, and other supporting material as a single PDF file to robotics@robotics.tu-berlin.de.

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Robotics (student assistant)

Position: Student research assistant (only for students of Universities in Berlin)

Topic: Robotics

We – the Robotics and Biology Lab – are looking for enthusiastic students that help us improving the capabilities of our robot platforms. We offer a flexible, collaborative work environment and the opportunity to learn and gain valuable experience in a wide range of robot-related topics.

Possible tasks/projects:

  • integration and enhancement of hardware drivers
  • development of real-time controllers
  • teaching support
  • extension of our robot simulation framework
  • conducting robotic experiments

Required skills:

  • excellent C++ coding abilities
  • comfortable operating under Linux

Nice to have skills:

  • knowledge of the fundamentals of robotics (e.g. kinematics, dynamics, planning, probabilistic methods, etc.)
  • experience using real-life sensor data and dealing with error / uncertainty
  • experience controlling robot arms
  • experience using vision
  • experience using machine learning algorithms
  • experience with the following software packages: ROS, OpenCV, PhysX, OSG 


Please email your application, including cover letter, CV and other supporting material as a single PDF file to .

For further information about what we are doing take a look at: robotics.tu-berlin.de

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