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In-Hand Manipulation via Constraint Exploitation through Wrist Motions

Master Thesis

Sumit Patidar


In-hand manipulation is an act of sequencing constraint exploitations by hand and arm actuation.
The constraints (static or reconfigurable) are provided by the environment or the manipulation platform itself. It is observed that humans often use wrist movements in conjunction with fingers as constraints to manipulate a wide array of objects. These wrist movements allow extrinsic resources such as gravity and inertia to be leveraged as additional sources of actuation. For the scope of this study, the role of hand actuation is limited only to producing reconfigurable constraints with no active manipulation to reduce the search space. These constraints are exploited by arm actuation for manipulation. The RBO hand 3 is used as a manipulation platform for this study as it is inherently compliant and can produce a diverse arrangement of constraints.
Consequently, the goal of this study is to investigate the interplay of compliant constraint reconfiguration with extrinsic sources of actuation like gravity and inertia to generate robust manipulation behavior.

Description of Work

Using an off-the-shelf computer vision tool, a multi-camera setup tracks the user’s human hand and wrist postures, and estimates the 3D hand pose employing an underlying kinematic model to exploit the knowledge about the human hand. Changing into joint space, the human joint angles are mapped to the RBO Hand 3, first in simulation, then on the robotic hand. Afterwards, experiments are conducted to evaluate the quality of the teleoperation setup for generating complex in-hand manipulations.


Sumit Patidar

Adrian Sieler

Oliver Brock


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