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Robotics Related

Active Acoustic Sensing

Sensors are an important part of any robot control system. While soft pneumatic actuators can't use most sensors from rigid robotics, they exhibit properties that make new sensing modalities possible. The air inside the airchamber of a pneumatic actuator conducts sound and this sound carries information about where it originated and which path it traveled. This thesis develops and characterizes a contact sensor by playing back a known sound and analyzing how it changes when a PneuFlex actuator touches an object in different ways. more to: Active Acoustic Sensing

A Fabric Based Tactile Sensor for Soft Robotics

When we build soft robotic grippers, we draw inspiration from the compliance and softness of the human hand. But what makes the human hand one of the most powerful tools is it's tactile sense. Since the sensors that are established in rigid robotics an not applicable to soft actuators, we have to take a look at new materials and new fabrication methods. In this thesis, we want to present one possible way to introduce tactile sensing to a soft actuator without restricting its dexterous behavior, using the RBO Hand 3 actuator as an example. more to: A Fabric Based Tactile Sensor for Soft Robotics

Teleoperation of a Soft Robotic Hand with a Dataglove

Robot hands are one of the most important but also most complex parts of a robot system. In the field of soft robotics, one goal is to design robot hands that resemble the human hand and can adapt their capabilities. Especially important is the ability to manipulate objects in the hand, the so-called in-hand manipulation. But to carry out in-hand manipulation complex movements are required. In order to be able to execute these movements, we would like to teleoperate the RBO-Hand 3 with a data glove. The aim of this thesis is to remotely control a soft pneumatically operated robot hand developed by the department with the help of a data glove in order to be able to carry out in-hand manipulations and to perform experiments on in-hand manipulation with the RBO-Hand 3. more to: Teleoperation of a Soft Robotic Hand with a Dataglove

Computational Biology Related

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