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Vision-Based Teleoperation of the Compliant RBO Hand 3

Master Thesis

Friederike Thonagel


Humans are experts in operating anthropomorphic hands based on their intuition. However, transfer of intuitive manipulation strategies requires tools that can capture relevant aspects that govern human behaviors.

More specifically, we want to transfer robust human in-hand manipulation strategies to the anthropomorphic RBO Hand 3. At the moment, this hand’s actuators are operated using a mixing board: a tedious and unintuitive process. In this work, we design a general teleoperation system that lets users operate the robot hand by mirroring intuitively produced movements from their own hand.

Description of Work

Using an off-the-shelf computer vision tool, a multi-camera setup tracks the user’s human hand and wrist postures, and estimates the 3D hand pose employing an underlying kinematic model to exploit the knowledge about the human hand. Changing into joint space, the human joint angles are mapped to the RBO Hand 3, first in simulation, then on the robotic hand. Afterwards, experiments are conducted to evaluate the quality of the teleoperation setup for generating complex in-hand manipulations.


Friederike Thonagel

Aditya Bhatt

Adrian Sieler

Oliver Brock



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