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Thomas Hoffmann


Room: MAR 5.065
Telephone: +49.30.314-23224


Thomas studies Electrical Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin with a focus on electronics and communication technologies. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree (2016) and is working on his Master of Science.

He has been active as a chairman for the Breadboarder e.V., an association to promote education in electronics/electrical engineering, since 2015. Also, since 2015, he is an active HAM radio operator with the callsign DL6TRW and was engaged in the HAM radio group of the Technische Universität, DK0TU.

Thomas has been working for the Robotics & Biology Laboratory since May 2016 and is responsible for the technical infrastructure of the department.


  • maintain and develop technical infrastructure
  • hardware and electronics design as needed
  • administrative support


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