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Professor Dr. Oliver Brock



MAR 5.033
Telefon: +49.30.314-73 110
Sprechstunde: Freitag 10-12 Uhr, bitte einen Termin vereinbaren

Research Interests

My research is concerned with the algorithmic foundations required to enable robotic agents to autonomously perform complex tasks in dynamic and unstructured environments. Beyond the scope of robotics, I apply these algorithmic foundations to problems in structural molecular biology, such as protein structure prediction, protein folding, and protein docking.

Curriculum Vitae

Professional and Academic Experience
since 2009
Alexander von Humboldt Professor, TU Berlin
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Research Associate and Scientific Consultant, Stanford University
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, AllAdvantage.com
Lecturer and Research Scientist, Rice University
Ph.D., Computer Science, Stanford University
Master of Science, Computer Science, Stanford University
Diplom, Computer Science, TU Berlin
Awards and Nominations
Best Systems Paper Award, RSS
First Place, Amazon Picking Challenge
Third Place, Protein Structure Prediction, CASP 11
Second Place, Contact Prediction, mid- and long-range contacts, CASP 11
Best Student Paper Award (with Raphael Deimel), RSS
Best Poster Award, CASP 10
IEEE Robotics and Automation Most Active Technical Committee Award, Technical Committee on Mobile Manipulation
Research Prize Alexander von Humboldt Professorship
Professinal Memberships
since 2002
IEEE Senior Member
since 2002
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
since 2002
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
since 2006
Protein Society
Editorial Activities
since 2011
Autonomous Robots
since 2010
The Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics (STAR)
since 2010
International Journal of Robotics and Research
IEEE Transactions on Robotics
since 2007
Foundations and Trends in Robotics
Professional Service
since 2016
Extended Academic Senate, TU Berlin
Member IPODI Scholarschip Selection Committee, TU Berlin
since 2014
Track Director, study program Cognitive Systems
Department Chair, Department of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics, TU Berlin
since 2011
Track Director, study program Science of Intelligence





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Sebastian Höfer, Jörg Raisch, Marc Toussaint, Oliver Brock. No Free Lunch in Ball Catching: A Comparison of Cartesian and Angular Representations for Control. PLoS ONE 13(6): 2018.

Download Bibtex Eintrag

TJ Brunette and Oliver Brock. Guiding Conformation Space Search with an All-Atom Energy Potential. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 73(4):958-972, 2008.

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Michael Schneider and Adam Belsom and Juri Rappsilber and Oliver Brock. Blind Testing of Crosslinking/Mass Spectrometry Hybrid Methods in CASP11. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics :152-163, 2016.

Download Bibtex Eintrag

Mahmoud Mabrouk and Tim Werner and Michael Schneider and Ines Putz and Oliver Brock. Analysis of free modeling predictions by RBO aleph in CASP11. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 84(Suppl 1):87–104, 2016.

Download Bibtex Eintrag

Roberto Martín-Martín and Clemens Eppner and Oliver Brock. The RBO dataset of articulated objects and interactions. The International Journal of Robotics Research 39(9):1013-1019, 2019.

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Roberto Martín-Martín and Oliver Brock. Coupled recursive estimation for online interactive perception of articulated objects. The International Journal of Robotics Research OnlineFirst:1-33, 2019.

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Tim Barfoot and Oliver Brock. Special Issue on the Sixteenth International Symposium on Robotics Research, 2013. The International Journal of Robotics Research 34(7):835-836, 2015.

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Raphael Deimel and Oliver Brock. A Novel Type of Compliant and Underactuated Robotic Hand for Dexterous Grasping. The International Journal of Robotics Research 35(1-3):161-185, 2016.

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Niko Sünderhauf and Oliver Brock and Walter Scheirer and Raia Hadsell and Dieter Fox and Jürgen Leitner and Ben Upcroft and Pieter Abbeel and Wolfram Burgard and Michael Milford and Peter Corke. The limits and potentials of deep learning for robotics. The International Journal of Robotics Research 37(4-5):405-420, 2018.

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Clemens Eppner and Raphael Deimel and Jose Alvarez-Ruiz and Marianne Maertens and Oliver Brock. Exploitation of Environmental Constraints in Human and Robotic Grasping. The International Journal of Robotics Research 34(7):1021-1038, 2015.

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Adam Belsom and Michael Schneider and Oliver Brock and Juri Rappsilber. Blind Evaluation of Hybrid Protein Structure Analysis Methods based on Cross-Linking. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 41(7):564 - 567, 2016.

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Adam Belsom and Michael Schneider and Lutz Fischer and Mahmoud Mabrouk and Kolja Stahl and Oliver Brock and Juri Rappsilber. Blind testing cross-linking/mass spectrometry under the auspices of the 11th critical assessment of methods of protein structure prediction (CASP11) [version 1; referees: 1 approved]. Wellcome Open Research :1:24, 2016.

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